As a newly minted high school grad I had a brief stint as a wildland firefighter. Part of training for the job was a timed 10-mile walk with a 60-pound pack. It was on a high school track in early June in Montana. And it was a slog. Running 10 miles is painful, but it goes by…
If 2016-2020 was the golden unicorn age of SaaS, 2021 nearly hurtled us into the foie gras* era. I say “nearly” because the current market correction…
I’ve written in the past that I think returns for SaaS won’t be as attractive over the next decade. This view is focused on enterprise software. I am…
People make decisions, not businesses. And, the same people who stand in-line for limited edition sneakers, use GoodRX coupons for their prescriptions…
The next decade in SaaS won't look like the last
1: Management’s true confidence is reflected in how fast they are hiring 2: Sales heads added this year are next years incremental revenue 3…
And a quick and dirty look at SPLK, NTNX, and GWRE
An overview of the key output of the growth software machine
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