If 2016-2020 was the golden unicorn age of SaaS, 2021 nearly hurtled us into the foie gras* era. I say “nearly” because the current market correction may head off the trend of overstuffing private software companies with capital in the hope they grow faster.
I’ve written in the past that I think returns for SaaS won’t be as attractive over the next decade. This view is focused on enterprise software. I am…
People make decisions, not businesses. And, the same people who stand in-line for limited edition sneakers, use GoodRX coupons for their prescriptions…
The next decade in SaaS won't look like the last
1: Management’s true confidence is reflected in how fast they are hiring 2: Sales heads added this year are next years incremental revenue 3…
And a quick and dirty look at SPLK, NTNX, and GWRE
An overview of the key output of the growth software machine
Marc and Ben’s midlife crisis and the Crypto Crusades
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